That May Be Beyond My Abilities at the Moment (2022-)

Siri, Apple’s “Digital Assistant,” is supposed to remain quiet until summoned (“Hey, Siri!”). But the iteration that lives inside of my Apple Watch frequently pops off unprovoked. My gal is not only loquacious, she seems to be in a constant state of eavesdropping and will often transcribe–verbatim–everything I say. Sometimes, when Siri is listening in on my conversations, she outs herself by admitting she isn’t sure what I want of her. (Nothing!)

My favorite of Siri’s gratuitous outbursts: “That may be beyond my abilities at the moment” is the impetus for this series. Because in this politically polarized, post-covid emergency, escalating climate crisis, assault on just-about-everyone’s rights, social media-driven moment: Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and overdone.  

With this work, I delve into the emotional drain caused by uncertain and turbulent times. And I explore the restorative powers of humor and humanity. Pairing everyday scenes with Siri’s proclamation, I am reminded that this is a moment and that ability is not static. Possibility is present in the photos I have made for this collection; in each frame, disorder and fortitude coexist. 

In keeping with my practice, the images in this collection, which were made in London, Los Angeles, and New York City, were not staged.